Masterclass/Workshop Series

Talent Stacking

What Talent Stacking is and how it is distinct from your resume, CV, or any other tool or method you've used to showcase your value and potential contribition.

The 5 types of inputs you can use to discover all the possible ways you can combine your talents to create multiple unique variations of your Stack.

The myth of the notion that the best route to career (of life) success is mastering one particular skill so you can be the best. There's a secret to understanding exactly how competent you need to be or how much you need to know in any particular subject.

How some world-class "Stackers" creatively combined their talents to blaze new trails and why their actual success doesn't necessarily mean they are more talented than you.

How Talent Stacking can safeguard you from ever having to experience the need to "Re-Skill" in order to remain relevant and employable.

5 of the most high value skills you can have in your Talent Stack + Examples of basic functional foundational Talent stacks that could help you find a starting place with your own.

How to integrate "what you've got" with "what you want", determine whether or not you have gaps, and determine which skill acquisition approaches has the most value.

Why the rapidly shifting employment landscape makes it imperative that you take control of your own career immediately (whatever stage your career is in) so you are able to create your own experience rather deal with whatever experience inevitably "happens" to you

“One of the greatest moments in anybody's developing experience is when he no longer tries to hide from himself but determines to get acquainted with himself as he really is.”
--Norman Vincent Peale