The Unicorn Method

Create a Career and a Life that Lights You Up

This 6+ week Online Course and Coaching Program takes you on a deep dive to identify your talent stack, unlock your values and purpose, and engineer a next-level career.

I built the Unicorn Method Course and Group Coaching program for the person who is ready:

To deep dive into your skills and expertise, looking well beyond your job titles and responsibilities, to discover your full talent stack


To explore your passions, values and future vision so that you can craft a career strategy fully aligned to your life purpose


To craft a new career story that will make it easier to design and create new opportunities that reflect the best of you. and allows you to offer your best in service to others, whether that's your family, your career, or your avocational interests.

In Just 6 Weeks You'll Discover How To…
  • Have a better relationship with your work, including an understanding of what work provides for you, what matters most in your life, your core values, and the fears that have been holding you back…
  • Look outside the box and discover countless potential pathways to a meaningful career and life…
  • Look inside yourself to better understand the full stack of talents you bring to the world…
  • Use your imagination to purposely bring your goals to life and create a life that looks exactly the way you want it to look...
  • Create and manifest the job of your dreams if you find it doesn’t yet exist...
  • Have access to and utilize resources and tools, as well as a Community of like-minded and like-hearted co-creators, to support you as you continue carving out the new path ahead of you.

Break out of the shackles of your disempowering day job that leave you energy-depleted at the end of the day.  Think beyond the company that sucks up every hour they can get from you because you’re so good at your job they can’t live without you. Imagine creating a life and a career that allows you to contribute in a more meaningful way.  After investing in yourself for just 6'll be well on your way...

Module 1: RE-member

Understanding Core Values, Passions, Purpose and Calling, how they're different, how they serve you and what that means for your career and your life. Creating your Personal Core Values framework.

Module 2: RE-connect

Picking up with your Core Values, dive deeper into the passions that fuel you and the types of things that make you come alive. This will help uncover your Purpose and your Calling which then sets the stage for understanding your experiences, strengths and talents.

Module 3: RE-frame

Looking at all the things that make you uniquely you with regard to your specific life experiences, your mindset, fears and limiting beliefs as well as your Personality and your Strengths. You will have the opportunity to have a 1:1 Personality Profiling session with Jenn which will help create linkages with your skills, talents, and strengths and identify the areas where you have the most opportunity for personal growth.

Module 4: RE-evaluate

Taking full stock of the broad set of life and career experiences, range of skillsets, your strengths and talents and how you uniquely use them. Begin the creation of a customizable Talent Stack which will open your mind up to all the potential opportunities that could be available to you.

Module 5: RE-imagine

In this module you will begin to craft a new narrative/story about who you are that bridges your unique history with your envisioned/created future. You will learn the principles of Career Alchemy - the magical process of transformation, creation and combining many parts to make a one-of -a-kind personal experience as well as ikigai which in Japanese means "reason for being".

Module 6: RE-invent

In the Final module you will dare to do some BIG visioning, while continuing to craft your new story and identify/create your edge, your magic elixir that allows you to best your best and offer your best to others in service, whether that's your family, your career, or your avocational interests.

You are NOT the product of your current job...your last job...or any job for that matter.  Whether a good experience or bad - that job...that company...does NOT define who you are and what you're worth.

If you’re like most people, you want to tell a story about your life that you are proud of.  Doesn't really matter what’s in the story exactly, or even how big and adventurous it is. If telling the story makes you happy...brings you joy….that’s pure gold.

Many also wrongly believe they only have one chance to get it right. Make a bad choice and you’re stuck with it…you don’t trust yourself to make a better choice next time.  That’s all BS – the lies we tell ourselves as we look for ways to never fail again.

The truth? You can edit and revise your story as often as you want. And I promise that once you experience what it means to dream big – I mean really BIG -- you probably won’t settle for your first iteration.  It’s ok to not know what you want. In looking for work that has purpose and is fulfilling, we’ve all stumbled around in the dark.  You can't be afraid to start your next chapter.

So...What's Your Story?

Do you see yourself in any of the statements below?  Chances are...more than a few might seem eerily familiar (like, you just said it to your spouse at dinner last night...).
My Unappreciated or Underutilized Talent Stack

I’m great at my job and get great reviews but I’m not happy and I don’t know why.

According to everyone else, I appear to be successful, so they don’t understand why I’m not happy.

I want to do something new but I don't have the skills.

My Untended Values and Purpose

I don’t like or care about what I’m doing anymore, but it's too late / I’m too old to make a change to something else.

I dream about doing work that really matters. I wish I could do something every day that makes a difference.

I have a great career but know there’s something out there that I’m meant to do. I just don’t know how to find it.

I’m almost at retirement age. What could I do at this point in my life?

I Need to Write a New Story

I’ve been working in the same job/field for so many years that I don't even remember why I chose it or how I got here.

I have no idea what I’m really good at.

I don’t exactly love my job but it’s ok and I have benefits and security.

Here's what you can expect with the Career Reinvention Program:

  • 6 Comprehensive Learning Modules over 6 Weeks including:    ($1,000 value)
    • 42 individual video lessons with daily exercises, worksheet and journal prompts
    • Online Learning Portal to access video lessons and all learning materials
    • Complete Printable Course Workbook and Course Content Notes
    • Curated List of Reference Materials
    • 2 years post program access to the portal providing access to updated course materials.
  • 6 Weekly Group Coaching** Calls to accompany the Modules + 2 Bonus sessions at the beginning and end of the program:    ($1,500 value)
    • Coaching Sessions are recorded and stored in password protected Learning Portal for privacy
    • All participants will have 1:1 "hot seat" opportunities for personalized coaching.  These coaching segments are highly valuable for all and give you access to even more direct and indirect coaching than standard 1:1 sessions would offer.
  • BONUS 1:1 Personality Profiling and Coaching session (90 minutes) including Personal Growth Opportunities identification   ($400 value)
  • A supportive community -- via group coaching calls and private Facebook Group -- ready to help each other along this path    (Invaluable)
  • Email and Facebook Group Support between Group Coaching sessions    (Invaluable)

    Total Value:

    $ 2,900

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** This may be the ONLY time that GROUP COACHING will be offered along with this Online Course. This Coaching adds tremendous value throughout the program with more access to personalized coaching than any future programs.

So, What's MY Story...

My personal story contains many examples of what to do and, more importantly what NOT to do, when navigating both the expected and the unexpected with regard to career decisions.

  • After 10 years in Human Resources, I tested the waters in Sales and Sales Management.
  • When it became clear, even though I was capable of and successful in the Sales roles, that I did not enjoy the work, I moved across the country and spent the next 4 years running a small brick and mortar Home Theater business and then created an online business with several business partners.
  • After I moved again, I returned to HR Leadership for 12 years in companies in a variety of industries ranging from 30 to 13,000 employees.
  • Through these experiences, I learned that over the course of your career you learn about things that work for you and things that don't.  And the interesting thing is that those things, as a rule, will follow you around from place to place if you don't stop to consider what it means to be in alignment with both your work and your employer.
  • Also during all these experiences, I was laid off 3 times, and I can tell you with certainty that no matter how secure you feel in your current job (if you're working for someone else) their loyalty will always be to their bottom line and not to you.  Twice I was hit unexpectedly.  This last time, I was prepared because I had already taken steps to think about alternatives.

Hopefully, you find yourself in a place of choice right now - and that's the perfect place to start figuring out how to create a career (and life) where you are in control of your destiny...and you actually want to know what that destiny could and should be.

I created this unique Career Reinvention Program based on the elements I felt were critical to getting to the heart of my needs, wants, and purpose necessary to make permanent changes in the right direction. Other programs focus on the activities of a job search or evaluating career options.  You'll also find programs that help you find your purpose or "why". But in all my searching, I never discovered any that quite match the end to end program like The Unicorn Method for Reinventing Your Career and Your Life.   I designed an experience that will show you how to:

  • Fully understand your experiential history and evolved talent stack,
  • Uncover your Core Values and your Purpose - the reason you were put on this earth,
  • Create a unique and specific vision for your future, and
  • Craft a story that you will want to tell the world,

You will build a bridge connecting the past to the future -- all while learning to embrace and appreciate the perfect present.

Come join me for this one-of-a-kind adventure where -- for this inaugural launch ONLY -- you will have the benefit of Group Coaching and the ability to actively co-create with others on the journey!

Why Now Is The Time to Create Your
Re-Invented Career and Life

The best time to plant a tree was 10 years ago.

The second best time is now.

With our rapidly changing world, we are now in a unique position to choose two things...

To survive or to thrive.

If you've read this far down, it suggests you are the kind of person who chooses to thrive…

To take the more challenging path now so you can reap the rewards later.

Ask yourself:

If not now, when?

Can't do the program right now?

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