Meet Jenn

SPECIES: Unicorn | SUPERPOWERS: Intuition, Insight & Communication | VICE: Rebellion

I don't know about you, but I'm a bit of a rebel. I cut holes in the boxes I've been put in (ahem...every corporate job I've had!) because I know that the best solution is often outside the box. I've rarely met a rule I didn't want to bend (or break). I've never seen a process I didn't want to improve (or scrap). My lens on the world doesn't accept limitations -- I see possibilities everywhere, especially in people. I see the impact made by great leaders, and I see opportunities for them to be even more effective. The uniqueness of each person doesn't always lend itself to cookie cutter leadership development work. That has it's place, but I see YOU...the individual, one-of-a-kind you who needs and wants personal attention. That's my sweet spot...

Finally Arriving at the Place Where I've Been All Along

What most people know about me is...

I've had a successful career in Human Resources. I have amazing communication skills, plus a penchant for the technical side of things -- a fun combination of talents that keep both sides of the brain stimulated. Engaged in coaching, consulting and advising leadership or working with technology, I'm generally a happy employee (or "engaged" to use the trendy term) within the structure of the typical organization.  But roles where I get to do only what I love to do every day have yet to be designed. Hence, over time, in even the best roles and best companies, I spend at least 50% of my time on (sometimes even important) things that do little to inspire me. I can manage it for awhile, but that formula has never proven sustainable for me. As far back as 20 years ago I got my Coaching certification and had a plan to leave the corporate world for good. In 2012 I attempted it once again. Both times I was sucked in by the security of a regular salary and benefits and put my dreams on hold. The black swan year known as the year 2020 brought me FAR too close to getting another "safety" job, but as the world took an unplanned "pause" I was provided yet another opportunity to rethink my life and I'm 100% on board.

What I want you to know about me is...

I believe in your potential, no matter how great you already are, to be even better. I might even believe in you more than you do. You see, building relationships one on one with people, learning what makes them tick, and seeking to understand them deeply has been my true lifelong passion and pursuit. I see in people what they can't see in themselves. The psychology of the human mind and human behavior fascinate me -- I can spend hours upon hours studying someone I find interesting in search of the best way to bond with them, work with them, influence them, and challenge them. 

I do this not just for the learning aspect, but also for the application of what I learn. What good is it if I don't test my theories and assumptions?? Anyone who knows me shouldn't be surprised I do this (and that they've been a part of a decades long covert experiment). Rest assured I use my knowledge only for good. :-). Understanding people deeply makes every relationship I have, personal and professional, more interesting and productive.

[This sounds kind of weird as I read it, and yet it's 100% true.  So in the spirit of transparency, I leave it in...]

One of my magical powers, one that leads people to have "A HA!" moments more often than not, is my Intuition and and it's output of insanely accurate insights. I see things others don't see -- on the edges and in the gaps of conversation. Often, it's a simple throwaway comment or aside where the important bits are found, where the real issue lies, or where the solution has been all along. The thing not said or the unexpected question that evokes a sudden "lack of words" kind of response create a challenging canvas for insight and are at the heart of the value I bring to my clients.

The other Superpower I have, which is a critical companion to "incredible intuitive insight", is my ability to succinctly and clearly communicate insights to people - cutting through the noise of all the generic information that has never been targeted enough to help or running interference with the dramatic and comforting stories people create to legitimize the continuation of unproductive thought patterns that no longer serve them.

What I don't want you to know about me is...

I  am more than what anyone sees on the surface and though the responsibility for that belongs to me, it's often frustrating that I don't feel seen.  I'm super complex and not easy to figure out - and I have spent a lifetime honing my chameleon-like skills that would allow me to shape-shift into versions of me that were acceptable.  But I've always known that I'm a Unicorn and I'll spend the rest of my life proving that Unicorns like me are indeed real creatures. It's where the magic lives! 

I prefer to make my own rules.  I live my life as an experiment - testing the boundaries to see what happens.  I have at numerous times in my life been some version of a "hot mess" but lived to tell the stories of eventual triumph.  I'm funny, but sometimes when I'm not reading the room, I might miss a cue and offend someone.  

I like a challenge, and when the mirror reflects back at me with new information, I can be just as resistant to change as anyone I have ever coached. I guarantee if you work with me there wouldn’t be anything I ask you to do that I haven’t done myself. I can share with you the "breakup letter" I wrote to the part of my past life that would not let go. Maybe there's something in your past that still has a hold on you that needs a "Dear John" letter too. If you too are complicated, difficult, challenging, and a little untamed, you're probably me people.  We should talk!

Magical Insights

Transformational Change

As a result of working with me, people I coach are able to clearly identify their Purpose and Values, and envision the potential ways where they can take their passions and finally make a difference in the world.

And the result of my clients getting 100% clear on their Purpose and Vision opens up pathways to career opportunities they never knew existed.  In some cases, they invent the job of their dreams in order to manifest one if it doesn’t yet exist.

When they get to this point their excitement and  energy surpasses anything they’ve experienced in their career to date.  They have reinvented how they see their work ,and because of that, they are drawn to and attract opportunities that reward and re-energize them every single day.

I’m looking to bring 100 people, currently asking themselves “is this all there is?”, through this incredible transformation with me in the next 12 months.

Who do you know that needs this right now?

If the only thing people learned was not to be afraid of their experience, that alone would change the world. Syd Banks