“One of the greatest moments in anybody's developing experience is when he no longer tries to hide from himself but determines to get acquainted with himself as he really is.”

--Norman Vincent Peale

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Leadership and Career Transformation

My lens on the world doesn't accept limitations -- I see possibilities everywhere, especially in people. I see the impact made by great leaders, and I see opportunities for them to be even more effective. The uniqueness of each person doesn't always lend itself to cookie cutter leadership development work. That has it's place, but I see YOU...the individual, one-of-a-kind you who needs and wants personal attention. That's my sweet spot.

Senior and Executive Leaders making small mindset and behavior shifts to get maximum impact.

It’s the Little Things that Make the Difference! Congratulations! Not every leader makes it to this level. But you can’t start thinking “I’ve made it this far, I must be pretty darn good!” Trust me when I tell you this might be your kiss of death. At your level, your technical expertise comes in handy, but the real advantages will be gained by honing those pesky soft skills. You’ll be amazed at the progress you can make making small shifts in thinking and practice each week.

Early to Mid-level Leaders making the mindset and behavior shifts from Technical Expert to Leadership Sage.

In this program I work one on one with Emerging, New and Experienced Leaders in early to mid-level roles understand and apply the critical skills that will differentiate you from your peers. After 6 months with me, they’ll be asking you about your secret for success!

Create a Career and a Life that Lights You Up

Discover and create the unique path to an impactful career shift and more meaningful and fulfilling life by Exploring your Values and Purpose , Identifying your full Talent Stack, and blending them together to co-create a new personal career Story.

Your Personality isn’t just a 4-letter Code!

Optimize your flow state and maximize your opportunities for development with a personalized 1:1 profiling session to identify and confirm your Personality type, and co-create a plan for growth.

If you’ve ever taken a Personality Assessment (the MBTI or any of the free ones online) you have probably wondered, “Now what do I DO with this?” In this 2 session package we will work together to identify and validate your Personality Type and talk about what this could mean for you. One of the most underutilized applications of type identification is in Personal Growth. We will unlock the mysteries of your Personality and create a game plan for how you can best use this information in all areas of your life.

It’s Your Bio on Steroids!

Are you moving into a Leadership role with a new team? Joining a new company? You need this! Supplement your onboarding process by working with me to create a “Personal User Guide” that will help your team, your boss, or anyone who works with you understand what makes you tick. You will get both a slide deck to use in presentations and a one page Infographic that’s easy to share and reference.

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